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To Korea Faceline hospital surgery

Le 13 novembre 2014, 07:04 dans Humeurs 0

unwilling to face their own defenders now face:Jinwei Kun: South Korea this street, dense plastic surgery hospital are all, every day we will see a lot of the United States who in the street, come with me this girl called Mi round. Last September she was looked after LET beauty is attracted one of the twins' case. To Korea Faceline hospital surgery, in fact, she is very beautiful in itself there is nothing you can do surgery, the hospital recommended her for the money to do the hairline down, is to lift the entire scalp down, move down and nose surgery. Postoperative infection was found nose, forehead left a big scar. Now her whole scalp is numb, the nerves were severed.Whether it is for Jinw   nike air max 95 mensei Kun JW shaping or for Mi round shaping Faceline small workshops are not cosmetic, but the failure of the case is still shocking. With a lot more beautiful dream girl cast road nowhere, find black black translation guide to reward several times higher than the normal price in exchange for an unsatisfactory faces:Jinwei Kun: one called girl bewitched by the black translation, translation and mediation costs account for at least 70%, is the same

operation for the Korean people to do 2 million (KRW) to the Chinese people 20,000,000 (KRW).No cases, do not even know who to do their own surgery, these Chinese girls rebuffed everywhere in Korea activists, they saw thicker than a dozen citing information Gangnam in Seoul, said that this is the failure of Chinese people left cosmetic in:Jinwei Kun: I want to fight the cases began in July, it did not give me, there is no medical record, I am now ten months and I do not know where to put my nose is something I do not know the prosthesis is qualified, even to us surgery doctor who I do not know, they do not give me. Police station in the south to see the information so thick a dozen victims, my heart is cold, do not want others to walk our way.According to South Korea, "Central Daily" Data show that in 2013 China to South Korea shaping up to 16,282 people, accounting for 67.6% in Korea shaping foreign customers. Japan ranked second number is about 10 times higher. In other words, every 10 foreign passengers in Korea shaping in there seven Chinese. Chinese Medical Association, Professor cosmetic and plastic surgeons branch president Gao Jianhuanike air max 90 hyperfuse womens pointed out to Korea plastic surgery risks:Gao Jianhua: It is that more than 200 small clinic inside the street, most 90 percent of the clinic on the inside of a

doctor propped up a clinic, and no matter how much you inside a clinic where doctors are called Dean, so you feel like giving Your doctor surgery is president, in fact, is a common one doctor. China should also have Dr. Han Guo, you can find those registered, formal qualifications, through national review of these doctors do. Recently, there has been discovered a daughter of King Kong Taiwan tourism, hit a man approached, followed by further prescription seizure, men and even "sexual assault" processes are captured, and the last court although the suspect in the woman's lower body collected DNA, Finally, the court acquitted the man was hit.Taiwan's "ETTV" quoted "magazine King" reported that the Hong Kong superstars debut for about 30 years, is still the entertainment circle of popular superstar idol, high visibility and fans on both sides are. However, he has a successful career playing the daughternike air max 90 mens of the home clash Jun (a pseudonym), did not think her daughter is really a time to tour Taiwan ancestry disaster, in the KTV is a 24-year-old man called Achang approached, was GHB taken to the motel after the other "sexual assault"

the expense of what was once the

Le 13 novembre 2014, 07:03 dans Humeurs 0

"Recently, the three had a very nice Chinese girl to Korea cosmetic, surprise against being disfigured, which in the end is how it happened Miss Jin in the name of microblogging called JW shaping victim Jinwei Kun, and her head is a partial view of four own face, and the other girls are not P is not the Internet is different, Miss Jin put their makeup crooked chin po photos directly on a common platform to promote their home, "the United States" the expense of what was once the beauty of life, such as heart sinking. Late last year, she enrolled in a file known by the Korean KBS TV and Shanghai TV co-curated cosmetic reality show, with a commitment to free becomes the United States, in January this year  first came to Korea cosmetic street:Jinwei Kun: I was the original intention is to repair the chest, bnike air max 2015 release dateut they recommended me to say, not only do the chest will help you do facial plastic surgery makes you become very beautiful for you, comprehensive plastic surgery, this surgery done on the whole in a down a.Anesthesia, 7 shaping. Now recall the thing on the operating table before and after  description messy and simple, in addition

to the upcoming change America's promise, agreement on preoperative, operative risk all in passing:Jinwei Kun: preoperative risk she will not give you much to talk about, he just say how good our doctors, how do you give satisfactory results. Preoperative even signed the agreement, there is no doctor present surgery five minutes to let you sign the agreement, you do not have time to read all silly out reason are gone.After returning, along with slowly swelling, hospital sketched dream began to fade, more and more wrong face, let  understand the nightmare began:Jinwei Kun: After returning, swelling, and found the whole face is crooked, began to shoot CT, identified prosthetic nose is crooked, under Bachelet bone asymmetry, chin osteotomy is uneven, nose string ditch belonike air max 2014 ukw This two bones are mixed up and down, asymmetrical.The irony is that this time the program has not finished recording, with a crooked face, Miss Jin had to fit the role of successful cases recorded again, this has been promised in exchange for her to go to Korea to do repair, which know this is a blank check. This time the so-called KBS Shanghai TV together to create a

 complete collapse of the scam:Jinwei Kun: Before recorded program, I have been crying, and then they and I said, you have to take this program was recorded in April and then I went back to Korea to do the repair with you, I can not, I only agree. And they can help you cover up makeup through hair very well see in the video is questionable. Even feel the whole good, very beautiful. The audience and I see the situation is totally inconsistent. They convention is broadcast in Korea in March, April at the Shanghai TV broadcast, but did not play ah. So I just called to ask a Shanghai TV station, the other said no this show was silly.In fact, there are more than Miss Jin a similar experience. Now that we know cheated, how can not swallow ah, pick up the legal weapons to justice, are all common ideas. However, thnike air max 1 mense victim knows the right cosmetic humiliated in the process of transnational activist, in the case of the visa expires they can only return home for help.Since then, Jinwei Kun embarked on a road activist, came to South Korea's cosmetic street again, I believe she is not too selective see those beautiful chest rise, but those who are

the only thing investors is buying

Le 13 novembre 2014, 06:48 dans Humeurs 0

according to reporters said that under the new shares "limited supply", the participation of new play is a risk-free arbitrage "money game", to study the fundamentals of listed companies is meaningless, the only thing investors is buying, and then wait to sell at a higher price, as can buy, it depends on luck. In his view, the market for new shares of frenzied speculation, in essence, or because of new shares in the current market is a limited supply of scarce resources, the holder under continuous limit expectations, are not inclined to surrender hands of the chips,  supra society onlinewhich led to new shares continuous limit.Data show that as of now, the above-mentioned 103 times shares still subject of frenzied speculation in the market. November 12, 103 times the average rose 5.13 percent to reach new shares, 103 shares, only appeared five fell, including Sichuan Instrument shares, Cui Hua jewelry, including Shaanxi black cat appeared in dozens of sub-shares the daily limit.The data also show that since the last three months (August 12 to November 12), the above-mentioned 103 times shares rose an average of 79.36 percent, just grazing the original

shares fell periods. Currently, for time shares speculation has become a fashion.Inner Mongolia Huadian evening of November 12 announcement that the company has signed the "Inner Mongolian electrical Huaneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. and North United Power Co., Ltd. Assets and Equity Purchase Agreement" and the Northern Power, the company intends to 1,046,888,000 yuan transferee Northern Power has The company's 43% stak supra skytop cheape in Munda and Fengzhen Power Plant 5 #, 6 # units. After the completion of this transaction, the Company holds a 53% stake in the final Power Generation Company Limited.According to the announcement, the company is currently profitable in good condition Monda, Fengzhen Power 5,6 # Unit temporarily at a loss, the overall profitability of the latter two items packaged in the state, and the above-mentioned project an important strategic position. Meanwhile, the company and the holding company Munda Inner Mongolia Power Co., Ltd. Beijing over different

periods building up in Inner Mongolia Power Co., Ltd. Poly belong to Dalat power plant project, Fengzhen Power Plant # 5,6 generating unit and company-owned Fengzhen Plant 1-4 # Unit belong to different construction periods Fengzhen Power Plant project. After the two projects into the company, which can effectively solve the power plant in Dalat, "a multi-plant system" problem Fengzhen Power Plant to further reduce the "intra-industry c nike air max thea cheapompetition," and because of "a multi-plant system between the company and the Northern Power "The problem caused by the related party transactions, reduce management costs.The company said that this transaction is the northern Inner Mongolia Huadian Power to support the concrete implementation of development commitments, Inner Mongolia Huadian conducive to further expand the scale, increase market share, enhance competitiveness and sustainable development capacity. Yesterday, Xi Jinping held talks with Obama. The two leaders on strengthening bilateral, regional and global level talks reached a number of important achievements of cooperation and consensus. The two sides jointly issued the "China-US Joint Statement on Climate Change", announced after their 2020 action goals. US commitment to the 2025 effort to reduce emissions 28 percent. China's commitment to carbon

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